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We provide quality service since 2005 but we have twenty-years experience in the limo industry.
Here you can find the replies to the questions that – over the years – we’ve noticed that our customers ask the most.
If your question is not answered on this page, or you’d like more information, please contact us via phone or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Why choose ICare?

You’ll reply by yourself once you will have tested our Quality.

Have you been taking precautions against COVID? Do you sanitize your vehicles?

We implemented immediately some procedures to guarantee first of all a safe journey. Safety first.
These are some points of our anti-COVID protocol:
– vehicles are sanitized after each service
– the drivers wear mask and gloves and wash his hands carefully before each service
– after luggage boarding, the driver change gloves
– if the passengers don’t have mask or gloves, our driver will provide its for free
– vehicles up to 7 seats have a transparent bulkhead between driver and passengers compartment

Do I have to advise you if my flight is late?

The ICare driver dedicated to you will track your flight, so he’ll go to the airport when your flight is landing.

What happens if my flight will land early?

The intercontinental flights often land also one hour in advance compared to scheduled landing time. Our drivers are aware of that and they start to track your flight 24 hours in advance.

Considering that after landing I'll have to collect my luggage and to pass through custom, for how much time will the driver wait for me?

Your driver will wait for you as long as you need and he will never leave the established meeting point up until he would have met you. ICare experience is completely “no-stress”

How much waiting time is included in the price?

For pickups from hotels, homes, offices, and train stations we include 15 minutes waiting free of charge.
For airport meet&greet we allow 60 minutes after actual landing time (not after scheduled landing time) so you don’t have to worry: also if the flight will be delayed by many hours you will not be charged with any extra costs.

How do you track flights?

For airline flights we’ll ask you – during the booking stage – the flight arrival number: both to monitor actual landing time (that could be in delay or, for intercontinental flights, also 30/60 minutes in advance) and to identify the meeting point: some airports have more terminals and more arrivals area.
The drivers use dedicated apps, but we track flights also on the airport website.
For private flights instead, we need to know the tail number (the aircraft registration number, the “plate”) and the handling company that is managing the flight, also to contact them to coordinate for the meet&greet.

How can I recognize my driver at the airport, at the station, or the port?

Your driver will wait for you with a sign (or with an iPad) with your name on it. If for privacy reason you’d prefer to have not shown your name, we can personalize following your indication.
The precise meeting point will be defined at the booking stage, depending also on the typology of the booked vehicle, but normally we wait for the Guests inside the arrivals hall of the airport, just outside security checks in the stations or alongside your cruise ship or yacht in the ports.
In any case, the day before the service you’ll receive via e-mail the phone number and mobile phone of your ICare dedicated driver.
Besides, our Head operative office is available on call 24h/365: CONTACTS

What can I do if I cannot find your driver?

Do not leave the established meeting point and call your driver; if you should incur in connection problems do not hesitate to call our head operative office that’s available on call 24h/365: CONTACTS

Can I have the phone number of the driver?

Yes, the day before the service you’ll receive via e-mail the phone number and mobile phone of your ICare dedicated driver.
For any emergency, our Head operative office is available on call 24h/365: CONTACTS

What type of vehicles do you offer? What's the age of your fleet?

One of our aims is to provide a comfortable, elegant, and safe journey.
Vehicles are maxed 4 years old, the average is less than 2 years old. Our fleet is fully optional and undergoes periodical maintenance checks.
It’s composed entirely of Mercedes sedans, minivans, and minibusses and our coaches are Neoplan, Mercedes, or Setra.
You can take a look at a selection in dedicated page.

Are you able to manage also big Events?

Certainly. ICare staff has mature experience in big events – also in locations with a very complicated logistic – of different typology: business events (fashion, automotive, pharma, etc.), incentive, gala dinners, VIP weddings, private and sporting events.
For this reason, please allow us – as an example – that ICarelimo has been the official provider of three official sponsors during Champions League Final in Milano of 2016: Sony, MasterCard and Gazprom (arrival transfers, staff logistic, evening disposal, departure transfers, etc.), coordinating transfers for more than 2.000 people. In one week we managed a huge amount of work that we normally provide in three high season months. We can give you references for the satisfaction of our clients.
From our perspective of the operator into the field, we can give you suggestions about events transports logistic management, from the smaller to the bigger.
Often chauffeur driven services are not given the right importance and are left as the “last thing” to manage.
In reality, limo & coach services are a very important element for the success of an event.
Also, the management of any last-second problems, flight changes, etc. it requires a commitment and professionalism that not all ground transportation companies can offer. Last but not least, the arrival transfer is often the first contact of the Guest to the entire Event: starting impeccably, the Guest will begin his experience with a positive mood, making it easier to manage even in the following moments.

Do your drivers speak English and other foreign languages?

Drivers of vehicles up to 8 seats speak fluent English.
For larger vehicles, we offer drivers who converse in English at least a basic level, suitable to satisfy all needs to perform a high-level service. We can eventually support a tour escort or a licensed tour guide for the most demanding groups.
Upon request, we also have some drivers who speak French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Arabic.

Is it possible to bring our animal friends with us?

We are nature lovers (all the energy we use is at zero impact) and pet friendly, so the answer can only be yes.
The use of the appropriate pet carrier is required.

Are you reachable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

Undoubtedly yes. Our Head operative office is available on call 24H/365: CONTACTS

How long do you need to reply to a quotation request?

We formulate a quote within 24 hours of the request.
In case of urgency, we can answer in a few minutes.
Some particular and articulated requests may require more than one working day.

Which is the drivers' dress code?

Our drivers are always dressed in suits and tie, with classic shoes.
Upon request, we can meet special needs.

How can I book?

Usually to book we require an e-mail to avoid any telephone misunderstandings. In the event you are not able to write to us, we will manage your data by telephone, sending you a confirmation via e-mail (or via SMS / Whatsapp) asking for a confirmation nod.
Here are our CONTACTS

What are the details you need to book?

The types of services are various and during the booking process, our staff will ask you for the necessary information for the smooth running of your request. These are the most common:

– passenger name and mobile phone (if possible)
– number of people on board
– the age of any children: the child booster seat and the child seat are not required by law, but ICare provides them free of charge to guarantee greater safety
– quantity of baggage
– chosen vehicle: in case of doubts we can guide you in your choice so that we can assign you the most suitable for your needs
– pick-up date and time: also, in this case, we can help you – for example, if you have to take a flight – defining in accordance with you the optimal departure time considering all the factors involved (day of the week, traffic, your special needs, check-in times, etc.)
– pick-up location with complete address (in case of departure from airport, port or station we will send you clear information on where to find your driver)
– dropoff address
– addresses of any intermediate stops
– flight or train number arriving to be able to monitor it
– company and name of your cruise ship or yacht
– for private flights, it is necessary to know the “tail number” (that is the “identification number”, that is the “plate” of the plane) and the handling company that manage the flight, to be able to contact them to coordinate for the meet&greet
– billing information
– payment methods: bank transfer, credit card (Visa or MasterCard), Satispay or cash
– last but not least: let us know your every particular need or desire, we will do everything to satisfy it: a suggestion for a restaurant on the way, a bouquet for your travel companion, a gift for your child on his return from vacation, a present for your important customer: ask and it will be done.

Can I change the date of my transfer or other details?

Of course yes, it is possible to change every detail of the reservation: just send an email.
In case of last-minute changes, we ask you to contact our operations center by phone (reachable by phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year): CONTACTS

I have lost an object in the car: is it possible to recover it?

Absolutely yes. Normally our drivers check the vehicles as soon as you arrive at your destination, but sometimes it happens that some objects “hide” from the sight of our drivers.
If the driver has just taken leave, you can contact him directly, alternatively, you can call our operations center and we will immediately take action for the return.

The airline has lost my baggage, can you recover it and transport it to the address indicated by me?

Of course yes! The airline is obliged to deliver your baggage as soon as possible, but if you have an urgent need to receive it, we can organize an ad hoc transfer (we must receive a copy or photo of the loss report, proxy, and an identity document).

Do you provide child seats for the transport of children?

Yes, the child booster seat and the child seat are not required by law, but ICare provides them for free to guarantee greater safety.
Article 172 of the Italian “Codice Della Strada” (literally “laws of the road”) provides for exceptions to the use of restraint systems for children. In the case of cars used for the public transport service (chauffeur-driven service), children less than 1.50 meters in height can circulate, not retained by special restraint systems, only on the rear seat and always accompanied by a passenger that’s not less than 16 years old.

What are the numbers to call in case of an emergency?

You can call your driver directly, but if you run into phone line problems or need a change, to cancel or request a new service, do not hesitate to contact our operations center, reachable by phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: CONTACTS

Do you have water on board?

On vehicles with up to 8 seats, water is offered by us.
In larger vehicles, water is available upon request via e-mail.

Do you have WiFi onboard?

Most of our vehicles are equipped with WiFi and it’s free of charge.
If connectivity is essential, we ask you to indicate it in the booking.

Do you also provide services on public holidays, early morning or at night?

Yes, we provide services 365 days a year and at any time.

Is it possible to have candies or snacks onboard?

Of course, it is sufficient to request it when booking.

How can I pay?

ICare accepts different types of payment: wire transfer, credit card (Visa or Mastercard), Satispay, or cash.

Will your driver help us with your luggage?

Yes, our chauffeurs are always happy to take care of your luggage.
If you have many suitcases and don’t want to deal with them, we can organize a porter service at the main airports or stations.

If I travel with bulky luggage is there space on your vehicles?

We have the right vehicle for each of your needs, simply inform us when booking.
We are also able to provide a dedicated freight transport service.

Is it possible to book a transfer only for the transport of luggage?

Yes, we can provide dedicated freight service with vans of different sizes and with porter service.

How long before do I have to book?

There is no precise timing to be respected, but certainly the sooner you book, the better is.
Some customers book months in advance, some a few days before, others with a few hours’ notice.
Although we are not a taxi service, in the vast majority of cases we can satisfy even last-minute requests for services with vehicles up to 7 seats.
About bigger vehicles, we suggest booking more in advance.

How much does a limo/coach service offered by ICare cost? Is it much more expensive than a taxicab?

Our rates are comparable to those of taxis, but we offer a more luxurious service.
In the case of groups, the price per person is very competitive.

Better to take a taxicab or book a chauffeur-driven service?

Travelling in a comfortable chauffeur driver vehicle is often cheaper and more convenient than calling a taxi cab, especially for longer journeys.
Since taxis are booked last minute, they cannot guarantee the punctuality that ICare offers: one of our maximum prerogatives.
Our rates are fixed and established in the quotation stage, not with a taximeter: any lengthening of transfer times does not entail price differences.
Our cars (by category, age, and comfort) offer much more than a taxi. They are also cleaned and sanitized every time we leave a customer at their destination.
Our drivers speak English, are elegant and polite. Our accounting department will issue you a regular invoice for each service (if you prefer, a single invoice at the end of the month).

In which areas of Italy do you operate? Do you offer also transfers to or from abroad?

We provide limo and coach services throughout the national territory.
We also regularly carry out transfers and tours with departure or destination across the border.

Can you welcome our guests alongside the plane or at the exit of the finger?

The drivers cannot reach these spaces because they are located within the customs area, but if you have very demanding Guests we can organize VIP assistance services (arriving and departing) in the main Italian airports, including porterage services and access at exclusive lounges.